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Worst Car Accessories

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December 23, 2014


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Worst Car Accessories

Worst Car Accessories

It seems that the great technology and gadgets offered by automakers just aren’t enough for some people. Jumping on the bandwagon are manufacturers eager to sell us some of the silliest gizmos. Here are some of the worst car accessories available for sale, all of them available through shopping catalogues.

For about $300, something called the Twistep Pet Step will allow your dog easy access to your SUV. Fastening to the vehicle’s trailer hitch, your dog will no longer need to jump up into the back, he can ascend these stairs gracefully. It’s also marketed as a very expensive seat, where one can sit an lace up their boots. Alternatively, one can order a portable pet staircase which doubles as a ramp, in case your pampered pooch doesn’t do stairs either. It’s a little cheaper, just under $200, but there have been complaints about dogs slipping off the steps.

The GarageMate BajaBuster is a silly combination of car jack and shovel. For $50 you no longer need to carry both tools in your vehicle separately.

If you need these, you might want to visit an optometrist first. The Align-N-Drive Decals essentially stick an arrow onto your line of vision, pointing out the direction in which the car is moving. While we’re at it, maybe we should take a sharpie to our windshield and draw an arrow instead.

Car Lashes. Enough said.

For that once in a lifetime situation where you accidentally walk into your trailer hitch and bang your shin, there is now a solution. The HitchMate Soft Hitch Guard will keep your shins from getting bruised, just in case you’re one of those unlucky people who does this twice in their lifetime.

HitchMate is just full of useless gadgets for drivers. The HitchMate Tire Step is an adjustable step that hangs from your tire, eliminating the need to step on the vehicle’s running board.

The No Blind Spot Rearview Mirror may offer a tiny bit more of a view behind the car, but it takes up a massive amount of space on the windshield, possibly creating blind spots of it’s own in front of the car.

The Auto Air Freshening Scent Fan is exactly that- an air freshener with a built in fan to circulate the chemical scents around the car. The fan blades are actually mini airplane propellers. If your car is smelly enough that air freshener needs to be pumped around the car, maybe it’s time for a good detailing.

Is your glove compartment cluttered and unorganized? When reaching for your ownership and insurance do you apologize to the traffic officer for the condition of your glove box? For $66 you can get a “genuine leather” Glove Compartment Organizer and solve all of your storage issues.

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