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Strangest Automotive Recalls

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October 30, 2014


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Strangest Automotive Recalls

Strangest Automotive Recalls

Right now every automaker out there is issuing recalls. Not one of them wants to risk overlooking something, and becoming the next GM. Most recalls are issued for potential safety defects, some more pressing matters than others. Here are a few of the strangest automotive recalls we’ve seen.

In 2010, the Australian version of the Chevrolet SS, called the Holden Commodore had a problem with the trunk latch of it’s odd-looking Ute 2 variant. The Ute 2, which looks something like an El Camino, had issues with it’s trunk latching shut. It was prone to swinging open at will, dumping the trunk contents onto the road.

Ferrari also recently issued a trunk-related recall for the Ferrari 458 Italia. It seems that the trunk escape mechanism is faulty, preventing the escape of someone trapped within the trunk.

Supercars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars are just as likely to be recalled as any car on your street. In fact, it’s probably even more frustrating to know that such an investment is indeed flawed. The Koenigsegg Agera had to be recalled over a faulty tire pressure sensor. Due to the rare existence of this car, the recall affected exactly one owner, who had to take it in for a total software reboot and re-installation. While tire pressure isn’t a huge deal to some people, it’s a little more serious in a car that delivers 960 horsepower.

Volkswagen Jetta models from 2002-2004 were recalled, because the seat heaters would short circuit then burn up, causing burns on the driver’s backside. Ouch!

The 2004 Chrysler Voyager was subject to one of the strangest recalls, though an important one. It was discovered that a fire could be started by simply turning up the volume of the minivan’s radio. Condensation was making it’s way through the AC ducts and landing on top of the radio system, causing a short circuit and too much power being sent to the rear speakers, potentially causing a fire to start or speakers to melt.

In the 1990s, Toyota had to recall the Corolla, because beverages spilling out of the car’s cup holders would inadvertently deploy the airbags.

Finally, the strangest recalls we could fine involved the Toyota Camry and the Mazda6, both involving spiders. It seems that spiders love to nest in the Camry’s AC system, blocking draining tubes and potentially short circuiting the electrical system, potentially springing the airbags or killing the power steering. The Mazda6 was recalled because Yellow Sac spiders are attracted to hydrocarbons in the vent lines, clogging up the entire system and cracking fuel tanks, potentially causing fires. More reasons to hate spiders!

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