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The New Ferrari F80 Concept Car

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August 29, 2014


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The New Ferrari F80 Concept Car

The New Ferrari F80 Concept Car

We love concept cars around here, after all, they’re the most fun part of hitting an auto show. Since the North American auto show season won’t begin for a few months, we will have to live vicariously through the Internet, and keep our eyes open for concept cars in other regions. Lucky for us, Ferrari is showing off their newest, the Ferrari F80 Concept.

Looking like a souped-up LaFerrari, the Ferrari F80 Concept wasn’t designed by the company’s roster of world-famous automotive designers. Instead, it was created by a recent graduate of an arts college in Italy.

The designer has described the F80 Concept as bringing the most authentic F1 experience and performance from the track to the road, without any compromise in the brand’s elegance of form and class.

The Ferrari F80 Concept definitely retains it’s F1 architecture, with a hint of the brand’s LeMans heritage mixed in. The front end has less surface area, thanks to air channels slotted in between the car’s body and wheel arches, improving aerodynamics. Through these openings, the F1 A-arm suspension configuration is clearly visible.

The F80’s drag is decreased thanks to the centralized exhaust. One look inside, and F1 immediately comes to mind when you notice how the seating positions of the driver and passenger are staggered. The Ferrari F80 Concept isn’t all track. The overall design theme was inspired by another concept, the Boeing NGAD Concept Fighter Jet.

While it’s only a concept, and so engine specs are more theoretical than practical, the F80 is more than just a pretty face. Underneath, a hybrid powertrain delivers 1,200 horses from a 900 hp twin-turbo V8 combustion engine mated to a 300 hp KERS system. At only 1,763 pounds, this supercar can run the 0 to 62 mph race in a neck snapping 2.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 310 mph.

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