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BMW MINI To Feature GoPro Integration

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July 1, 2014


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BMW MINI To Feature GoPro Integration

BMW MINI To Feature GoPro Integration

Up until now, it seemed that anything to do with cameras in cars was related to safety. Back up camera show us what’s hidden behind our vehicle, other cameras work with sensors to help us park or avoid collisions. Things are changing though. Camera will be witness to track exploits, evidence of crazy drivers and so much more.

GoPro is the tiny, extremely durable camera that goes everywhere. Thrill seekers attach them to their helmets and body parts, vloggers use them for their video blogs and drivers sometimes mount them on their dashboard. Relatively inexpensive, GoPro cameras are responsible for some pretty entertaining footage found on YouTube.

BMW has just announced a partnership with GoPro, where the cameras will be integrated into MINI and some BMW cars, effective almost immediately. This new feature will be integrated and functional by July 2014.Drivers will be able to control their cameras through the infotainment system in their car’s dash. The system can even support multiple cameras. The image can only be displayed on the screen when the car is not moving, for safety reasons.

Vehicles must be 2012 or later models, equipped with an optional BMW ConnectedDrive infotainment system which comes with an 8.8 inch high-resolution display screen. The owner’s GoPro camera needs to be a wifi equipped model such as the Hero 3 (and later), and an iPhone 4 or later, must be connected to the car. Drivers will need to download a custom app through MINI Connected or BMW Apps as well as a new version of the GoPro app.

Through the app and infotainment screen, drivers will be able to control the camera via the car’s iDrive system. It will display a “nearly live” image on the screen, along with menus which allow for six camera modes, stop and start recording, battery life, signal strength and time left. The camera modes are: Leisure Drive Facing Out, Night Driving, Sport Drive Facing Out, Drive Camera Facing In, Winding Road Time-lapse, and Straight Road Time-lapse.

The Chevrolet Corvette also integrates a camera for entertainment purposes. The 2015 model comes with a Performance Data Recorder system that interfaces with various vehicle inputs and allows recording of audio and 720p video. The MINI with GoPro system is far more accessible to us mere mortals however. Volkswagen plans to give GoPro cameras to early buyers of the 2015 GTI, but has not announced any plans for an integration with their cars.

Now MINI drivers everywhere can recreate the chase scene from The Italian Job!

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