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Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept

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February 22, 2013


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Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept

Sometimes automakers surprise us by not revealing a vehicle in advance, and we discover them purely by chance or when visiting an auto show. This is somewhat the case with Audi’s new concept, the Crosslane Coupe. Almost to my surprise, I discovered it at the Paris Motor Show in Paris last October.

The Audi Crosslane Coupe concept is a preview of Audi’s upcoming Q2 crossover; but it also aims to give the public a look at what the next generation of the Q family will look like in terms of style in the brand’s future. It’s redesigned grill features a new type of headlamps, and the trapezoidal rear window is tilted. Low to the ground, the car has a nice touch of sportiness and it has a pretty aggressive pace. The dual mode plug in hybrid Crosslane Coupe somehow packages both Audi’s style and unique technological developments; the concept demonstrating many aspects of the future from the German manufacturer.

The Crosslane uses a new type of frame called a “Space Frame” which allows engineers to mix materials such as aluminum, fibreglass and carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP). This frees up the weight –  the Crosslane Coupe weighs just 1,390 kg – and reduces production costs. With a length of 4.21 meters, a width of 1.88 meters, a height of 1.51 meters and a wheelbase of 2.56 meters, it is equipped with a carbon fibre removable roof which can be stowed above the rear seats. Once this is done, the car strictly becomes a two seater.

On the powertrain side, there is a hybrid system consisting of a TFSI engine 3-cylinder 1.5-liter 130 hp, coupled to two small electric motors. The first acts as a generator to power the alternator and starter and has 68 horsepower, while the second, with 116 horsepower, powers the front wheels. In all-electric mode, the battery life is advertised at 90 km, hitting 0 to 100 km /h in 9.8 seconds. In hybrid mode, it has a total of 177 horsepower, can shoot from 0 to 100 km /h in 8.6 seconds and it’s average fuel consumption is estimated at 1.1 litres per 100 km … with emissions of only 26 per km g/CO2! It works through a two-mode hybrid system, just as with the A1 e-tron. It’s lithium-ion battery pack has a capacity of 17.4 kWh to power the electric motor.

The interior feels very technical, with brightly coloured upholstery, front sport seats with carbon fibre shells and a multifunction touch screen. It also comes with the Audi Connect system, which allows one to stay connected to social networks and to communicate. Audi’s Crosslane Coupe concept had several objectives that it has been very successful meeting. With competitors like the MINI Paceman , the Range Rover Evoque or future Mercedes-Benz GLA , the next Audi Q2 should have what it takes to hold it’s position among such esteemed company.

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