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smart Unveils Forstars Concept

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September 21, 2012


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smart Unveils Forstars Concept

The smart brand of cars is well known for it’s enthusiastic use of stylistic concepts and technology, though not every prototype makes it’s way to production models. The small manufacturer has plans to introduce an amazing new stylish concept vehicle to the Paris Motor Show.

At the last North American International Auto Show in Detroit, smart unveiled the Concept “For-US”, a small 4×4 developed for the US market. Right now, it is the coupe model that is on display at the Paris show, which has a similar look. According to the German automaker, the new concept previews the future direction of the brand’s design, including that of the next generation of the Fortwo, which will be available very soon. It may also preview the shape of the next 4-door model, which will replace the current Forfour, which was developed in a partnership with French manufacturer Renault. The two builders agreed to develop a common platform for 2014, and to develop a new vehicle which also replaces Renault’s Twingo. Apparently, the new vehicle, a collaboration between Renault and smart, will be presented at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, badged as a 2014 model. It’s chief rivals will be the Toyota / Scion iQ, and Fiat’s 500.

Returning to the smart concept… it’s pretty amazing. When looking at the front of the car, we immediately think of a cartoon where one can envision a smile, like the vehicles in the animated movie “Cars”. Dimensionally, it has a wheelbase that is six inches longer than that of the smart Fortwo, for a total of 2.47 metres; it’s 3.55 metres long, 1.71 metres wide and 1.5 metres tall. With it’s 21 -inch wheels, which almost seem too big for this type of vehicle, as the front end seems intriguing. This is a concept that should draw a lot of attention at the next Paris Motor Show.

The smart Forstars concept features a panoramic glass roof which allows a clear view of the sky above. This new prototype’s functionality surprised us, we discovered that there is a projector on the vehicle’s hood, concealed in a fake air intake vent. This turns your vehicle into a real mobile cinema, turning any location into a drive in movie theatre. It stems from a dashboard app that manages the video, and audio is transmitted through the car’s speaker system. It boasts a futuristic style interior and some interesting features like the ability to adjust the car’s temperature before entering the vehicle.

The Forstars is an electric vehicle that houses and electric motor developed by Brabus, Mercedes-Benz aftermarket tuning company. It’s 60 kW can generate 82 horses and 96 lbs of torque, mated to a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. It can reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h and smart describes it’s performance as “agile and lively”. We know that this cute little car will likely be one of the stars of the Paris show, and we’ll know more about it by the end of September when the long awaited exhibition opens it’s doors.

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